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February 2016 Meeting

Please join us for our February meeting with Donna Moughty in a presentation titled "Putting Your Family Tree Online." Genealogy and family history are all about making connections, child to parent back through the years. With so much new information appearing on the Internet wouldn't it make sense to share your information to see if others are trying to connect to your family? Learn how to put your family tree online using a variety of resources.
The meeting will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2016, at 11:00 AM in the Auditorium of the John F. Germany Public Library at 900 N. Ashley Drive in Downtown Tampa. 

Drew Smith Receives Award

Drew Smith received an award from the Florida Genealogical Society on Saturday, January 2, 2016, in recognition of his nine years as president of the society. The photo shows new president Tammy Patascher presenting the handsome award to Drew at the society's January meeting. 

New Hillsborough Century Family Awards

The Florida Genealogical Society recognized three new recipients of the Hillsborough County Century Families award at the meeting on Saturday, January 2, 2016. The purpose of the program, begun in 2014, is to recognize and honor persons whose families have live
d inside the boundaries of modern-day Hillsborough County, Florida for at least 100 years. Three recipients were honored at this meeting.
Shirley Evans Besch (l.) receives her certificates from Florida Genealogical Society president Tammy Patascher.
Her ancestors were:
  • Elizabeth Browning
  • Stella P. Holton
  • Benjamin Franklin Lewis
  • Virginia D. Lewis
  • Frank Williford Jones                 
  • Lewis F. Jones                     
      Diane Allen Cooper received her certificates for her ancestors:
  • Eliza J. Branch
  • Berton F. Grantham
  • Jesse J. Grantham
  • Stella Jessica 
Thomas Joseph Van Eepoel, Sr., (l.) received his certificates for his ancestors from Tammy Patascher:
  • August Van Eepoel, Sr.
  • August Van Eepoel, Jr.
We congratulate these people on their Hillsborough County heritage!


Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection

Nearly 15,000 images in the Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection chronicle the history of the Tampa Bay area as it faced wars, natural disasters, economic booms and busts. The collection presents a pictorial record of the commercial, residential and social growth of Tampa Bay and Florida's West coast from the late 1800s to the early 1960s. The images offer a view of a community at work, from cigar factories, sponge docks and strawberry fields, to grocery stores, service stations and bank lobbies. Many of the photographs also depict a community at leisure, enjoying a day at the beach, participating in local celebrations, attending the Florida State Fair, or playing favorite games such as golf, tennis, shuffleboard or checkers.

This extraordinary archive - a visual link with our past and our heritage - is preserved at the John F. Germany Public Library for the public to view and use. The Library has made reference prints for public examination. A photocopier/scanner is available for reproductions of the reference prints or customers can bring their own photographic equipment to make digital images of the materials. Reprints of the photographs from our negatives are also available through a photography studio.

Visit  the Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection at the Library's website at http://hcplc.org/hcplc/research/burgert/ to browse or search this remarkable collection. And visit our Society's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FGSTampa/ as we showcase images on that page over time.


Tampa-Hillsborough Library Programs

The Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Libraries present a wealth of educational programs throughout the county. We are pleased to announce and help promote these programs on our website. Please visit the Upcoming Events area of this website to see major programs scheduled, and be sure to visit the THPL Events Calendar at http://hcplc.evanced.info/signup/eventcalendar.aspx?&et=9 to locate educational opportunities near you.

Hillsborough County Century Families

The Florida Genealogical Society of Tampa (FGS Tampa) is pleased to announce the Hillsborough County Century Families program. The Hillsborough County Century Family designation is available to applicants who can document that they are descended from a family who lived within the modern-day boundaries of Hillsborough County more than 100 years ago.  As part of their research and application process, applicants are encouraged to use family documents, research materials available within the Florida History & Genealogy Library (located at the John F. Germany Public Library), research materials available within the USF Tampa Library’s Special Collections, and source documents found in online databases.
More details about the application and documentation process are available in the Public Downloads area of the FGS Tampa website at http://fgstampa.org/fileDownload.php?cid=26&sid=1.


Marriage Records Project Status

In partnership with University of South Florida Library's Digital Collections, we are working to digitize the Hillsborough County marriage record collection that spans from its earliest days through 1986. Our call for volunteers resulted in more than 40 people interested in participating, and the project is well underway. 
We have had volunteers working at the USF Library to scan, straighten, and crop the records, and they have finished scanning thopusands of documents. Other volunteers are transcribing records from their home computers. The finished project will be placed on the University of South Florida Libraries Digital Collections site for free access.
Watch for updates here at our website and come to our monthly meetings to hear more about the project.
This project is moving along swiftly and we thank our wonderful and enthusiastic volunteers!


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