Florida Genealogical Society – Tampa

Hurricane Ian Notice

The seminar is rescheduled to 8 Oct 2022

The FGS Board, in consultation with Lisa Louise Cooke, we are delaying the seminar 1 week until Saturday, 8 October 2022.

All current tickets are still valid. If you are unable to attend on 8 October, please email us at info@fgstampa.org

Please be prepared and take all necessary precautions to ensure you and your family are safe.

12 Stories in 12 Months

FGS Tampa challenges you to write a story about your ancestors each month for the next 12 months. Each month is a different theme or topic. The FGS Board will select one or two stories per month to share at our next meeting. At the end of the 12 months we will select one story to receive a grand prize (TBD). Click the button to read more information. Submit your story today.


Recent Articles

Will Power

When I was young, writing a will felt like a very adult concept. Colombo episodes, Nancy Drew books and Scooby-Doo cartoons informed my romantic notion that only rich old men had wills to instruct the disposition of their vast lands and priceless fortunes upon death. Their controversial decisions to favor one descendent over another always seemed the genesis of a murderous plot that kept Hollywood in business. The first time I wrote a will, I opted for the standard template…

Luck of the Irish

I always wanted to be Irish. Afterall, Lucky Charms was my favorite breakfast cereal. Unlike other kids my age I loved the corned beef and cabbage dinner Mom routinely whipped up for St. Patrick’s Day. I became a rabid Notre Dame Fighting Irish football fan as a young teen. I even picked a four-leaf clover during recess and crafted a pressed bookmark to save my place in my Nancy Drew stories. Call it fate, destiny, kismet, or luck of the…

2021 Florida State Fair

This year we have the wonderful opportunity to share our love of genealogy with others through our booth set up at the Florida State Fair grounds. We will have computers set up to engage in live demos with our visitors, as well as have wonderful treats for children and adults alike including a raffle prize of admission to our Annual Seminar held in October. Our booth will be open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on opening day, Thursday, February…

Biannual Bylaw Review

Every two years we required to review our society bylaws. The executive board completed this review last week and submits our recommended changes to the membership for your review and approval. Please read the attached revised Bylaws. The current Bylaws can be found here. Here are the changes the Executive Board approved: Article II, Section 2, Paragraph C: omitted the need to have a two thirds majority to give a lifetime membership. Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph A: added, “acts…

“You’re NOT a Victoria. Just Vicki.”

One day, I might have been about ten, Mom was cutting carrots in the kitchen. I asked her if my full name was Victoria. I’d had a friend at school whose name was Victoria and she went by the nickname Vicki like me. Victoria sounded so elegant, like a Queen, or like that pretty Victoria Principal I’d recently seen on Fantasy Island. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to be a Victoria. Mom stopped cutting and hesitated for a moment. I never…

The Chameleon

I didn’t have many pets growing up. I recall having a turtle as a youngster. A stray white poodle, who we named Tuffy, found his way into our family for a few months before we gave him to my great-grandmother. I had the requisite gerbil until, sadly, I found Chewbacca expired in his cage the morning after a thunderstorm. The chaos in the skies must have caused the poor thing’s heart attack. Once for a school project, I was the…

Chloe’s “Text”

I love to travel. Many years of experience have taught me that a light load is the way to go. My souvenirs are limited to refrigerator magnets and Christmas tree ornaments. I often feel quite inadequate as a tourist when I document $5 of purchases on my customs paperwork upon my return. Likewise, my mom searches for perfect postcards. They serve as her memories of the beautiful places she has visited. Interestingly, postcards didn’t start out as mere souvenirs. They…

Tell Us What You Think

Please take a few short minutes to complete this survey on our most recent special interest group on DNA orchestrated by Jean Sanner.  We welcome your constructive feedback to help improve the content, delivery, and value of these presentations. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

To Learn About Life, Start in a Cemetery

Older headstones sometimes yield significant clues for the genealogist by providing a short biography of the interred – similar to one I found in the medieval cathedral ruins of St. Andrews, Scotland. It read: Here Lies the Body of Thomas Halyburton. Minister of the Gospel. He was Born at Duplin Dec. 25, 1674, And Ordained Minister of ceres May 1, 1700. In April 1710 He was Admitted Professor of Divinity In the New College St. Andrews And on Sept. 23,…

Summary of June Meeting

Overview This past Saturday, we again met virtually via webinar to conduct our normal meeting, DNA Special Interest Group, and our featured speaker – Crista Cowan. We had a total of 97 people registered and 89 actually participate; a tremendous turnout. Jean Sanner wrapped up the current DNA Special Interest Group with a case study covering many of the tips and methods she presented in her previous sessions. Crista’s presentation was based on Ancestry.com’s Listening Tour where they spent time…