Month: January 2020

State Fair Volunteers

We are holding an organizational meeting for all volunteers helping out at the Florida State Fair after our monthly meeting this Saturday, 1 Feb 2020. Please plan to attend to get directions, updates, and passes. FGS Tampa is going to the Florida State Fair again this year. As part of our community outreach, we provide …

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Bing Crosby

Connecting Lines – Famous People

Many of us have a family story about being related to a famous person, but how many turn out to be true? One of my family stories is that we are related Bing Crosby, but no one knew how. My great Aunt Evie showed me an old letter from Bing Crosby’s Personal Secretary, but it …

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Education Plans (Part One)

Every year we get a chance to review our past accomplishments and plan for the new year’s next challenges. Hopefully, as part of your planning, you include some time to improve your genealogical skills and awareness. Genealogical Education Plans are a great way to organize this time. Whether you are a novice or advanced genealogical …

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DNA will uncover family secrets, but are you ready?

Inheritance author Dani Shapiro will be in St. Petersburg on Saturday!  Readers of genealogy stories, you must have read her memoir, Inheritance, right? Dani Shapiro’s story, triggered by a DNA test that changes her life, is the latest example of the kind of upheaval today’s technology can bring. Shapiro, author of five memoirs and five novels, …

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Quizzes and Surveys

As part of any effort to encourage a greater sense of community and fun within the society, we are incorporating a monthly quiz or survey. Our surveys are meant to capture the diversity of the membership, determine programming desires, and solicit feedback. The quizzes are meant to challenge your genealogical knowledge in a fun and …

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! As we turn over the calendar, it’s time to take a brief pause after the rush of the holidays to look to the new year with optimism and anticipation. Will 2020 be the year you break through your own personal brick walls, start writing your family history, or …

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Practicing Provenance

As a kid, I used to scrawl my name inside the cover of all of my books. As a teenager, I did the same with record albums. There would be no mistake that Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing” was mine. Little did I know then that these inscriptions would be a form of documentation for future …

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