Social Media Policy

The Florida Genealogical Society – Tampa (FGS-Tampa) supports the use of social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and blogging) at its events, including the society’s annual seminar. Event attendees are allowed and encouraged to promote, critique, and review the conference, its exhibitors, speakers, and activities using these forms of media.

Use of smartphones, netbooks, laptops, tablets, etc., shall not disrupt other attendees. Mobile device ringers must be set to silent during lecture sessions.

Attendees are prohibited from recording the proceedings of any lecture or workshop session by any means, including but not limited to photography, audio recording, video recording, or verbatim transcription, without expressed written permission from both FGS-Tampa and the lecture speaker prior to the event. Some sessions will be professionally audio recorded and available for purchase after the event.

Social media may be used to summarize or extract lecture content provided:

  • the author is referenced and cited appropriately,
  • material is not shared in full, and
  • copyright laws are observed

We fully respect the intellectual property rights of the authors of syllabus materials and lecture content. In order to protect the intellectual property rights of our presenters we request that participants refrain from all of the following actions without prior consent of the presenter:

  • Using audio and/or video recording devices
  • Using photographic devices
  • Capturing, transmitting, or redistributing syllabus materials or the bulk of the material presented in a session

FGS-Tampa reserves the right to take photographs, videos and/or audio recordings at events and to incorporate them into advertising, marketing and publicity and their FGS-Tampa-managed social media sites.

FGS-Tampa respects the right of members and officers to post content to social media sites and in no way seeks to discourage self-publishing and self-expression.  However, FGS-Tampa does not allow unauthorized personal or business advertising on any FGS-Tampa sponsored social media platform.  Furthermore, FGS-Tampa will monitor its sponsored social media platforms to insure that commentary and postings are relevant, appropriate, and in keeping with this policy and the mission of the Florida Genealogical Society – Tampa and reserves the right to take these (and other) actions:

  • Edit or delete inappropriate or offensive postings from FGS-Tampa moderated social media
  • Permanently deny access to FGS-Tampa moderated social media to individuals or organizations who create inappropriate content
  • Permanently deny access to FGS-Tampa moderated social media to any individual, organization or corporation engaged in activities or commerce that is determined to be offensive, illegal or incompatible with the goals and objectives of the society.