Elizabeth Pridgen

My Digital Photo Albums—How I Did It

Many of us have photos, or more accurately—boxes of photos—that we would like to organize and digitize. The task can seem impossible. It will take time, planning, time, organization, and—did I say time? I have “finished” my digital photo albums. I include quotes because ancestry projects are never finished. There’s always something to add. However, …

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Connecting Lines –Dorothy and Ed

I have a family photo from Christmas in 1944 that included my cousin Dorothy and her fiancé Ed. The story great Aunt Evie told me was that Ed died when his plane went down soon after this picture was taken, which was tragic enough, but then flowers arrived for Dorothy after Ed died. My intent …

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Bing Crosby

Connecting Lines – Famous People

Many of us have a family story about being related to a famous person, but how many turn out to be true? One of my family stories is that we are related Bing Crosby, but no one knew how. My great Aunt Evie showed me an old letter from Bing Crosby’s Personal Secretary, but it …

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