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General Zoom Video Conferencing Information

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FGS and our speakers work together to deliver a positive and valuable educational experience. Video conferencing is merely a tool to deliver quality information and training from across the genealogical community. FGS-Tampa currently uses Zoom to host our remote presentations at our monthly meetings and now we are expanding this service to offer webinars at home. We are looking to records these sessions 1 and make them available to our members via our website. 2

Zoom is an industry-leading video conferencing tool for hosting virtual meetings and webinars. They support both desktop and mobile device capabilities allowing you to participate from anywhere. Furthermore, Zoom provides exceptional support articles, tutorial videos, and technical assistance. You can find more here:


  1. Depending contractual agreement with each speaker.
  2. Must be an active member of the Florida Genealogical Society – Tampa and logged into the website to view.
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