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During the webinar you may want to ask a question or provide some insight. There are two ways to grab the attention of the speaker or other panelists. The best and easiest way is to type a quick question or comment in the chat side bar. The other is to raise your hand to indicate you wish to speak. Each of these are discussed below.

But first, consider webinars to be presentations in large lecture halls of up to 100 people. Just as you would not want to disrupt the session by speaking out or hearing someone’s phone ring, we configured our webinars to restrict attendee’s audio until specifically turned on. And just as if you wanted to ask someone to turn up the volume because you couldn’t hear the speaker from the back of the lecture hall, our webinar system allows you to make your request without disrupting the speaker.

Most speakers prefer to address questions at the end of their presentation; however, we will endeavor to announce the speaker’s preference at the beginning of the webinar. Our recommendation is to submit your question via chat. We will review, aggregate and give these questions to the speaker to address at the end of their presentation.

Chatting During Class

This time it’s ok to chat during class. You can ask a question or make a comment in the online chat sidebar without disrupting the session. Your question or comment is placed in a queue in the order it was received.

Screen shot of Zoom webinar chat
Zoom Webinar Chat

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Raise Your Hand to Speak

Just like back in school, you can raise your hand to request to speak. Click on the Raise Hand button in your control bar to notify the speaker and other panelists that you would like to say something. The icon will turn green to signify that you are actively requesting to speak. You may lower hand by clicking on the icon again.

screenshot of how to raise your hand during Zoom conferences

Please be patient and wait for the speaker to acknowledge your request. The speaker or other panelist must “allow to talk” before you can ask your question or make your statement. Make sure you click on “unmute” before you speak.

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