Motion for Membership Fee Increase


Dear Members,

We, the Executive Board, hope that this letter finds you in good health and spirits. We have missed being together for our regular monthly meetings to see your faces and spend time discussing the subject we all love. We anticipate the day when we can be together again. FGS-Tampa has operated very differently during the COVID quarantine and these changes have forced the Board to address challenges and opportunities surrounding our annual budget.

Expansion of Online Offerings

The COVID quarantine forced FGS Tampa to go online in new and exciting ways. Feedback to these changes has been largely positive. The Board has committed to continuing online meetings via webinar platforms once in-person meetings resume. This allows FGS to reach members outside the Tampa area, and those who cannot attend in-person meetings due to scheduling, travel concerns, parking fees, physical challenges and/ or other responsibilities. These COVID tech fees were not budgeted for this year, and new budget items will be necessary for next year.

Speaker Fees

While the genealogy community has always been a generous one that freely shares and gives, the community has also been changing over the past two decades since we established the current membership dues. Specifically, quality speakers started charging for these engagements and over time these rates have kept pace with inflation as well as market conditions. Therefore, we must pay an appropriate fee commensurate with their professional time, effort, and expertise in order to deliver quality presentations from renowned national and international authorities in the genealogical community.

Community Projects

The Board from time to time comes across local projects that have historical significance. Zion Cemetery is one well-known example. Other projects include other cemetery restoration, and record group acquisitions or restorations. At this time the Board has little funds at its discretion to act. The Board would like to expand its influence in the great Tampa area on these matters.


 In accordance with the Bylaws of the Florida Genealogical Society, the Executive Board recommends to the members that the annual membership dues be increased to $30.00 for individual membership and to $35.00 for family membership, effective January 1, 2021. Please vote on this recommendation by 1 October 2020.  This increase equates to $2.50 per individual for each of the 12 monthly meetings which last approximately 2 hours each.”


Your FGS Tampa Board

Tammy, Dave, Rue Lynn, Shirley, Mary, Rosemarie, Jean

Voting Instructions

Please log into the website to cast your vote. One vote per active member.

Please log into the website to cast your vote. One vote per active member.

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Tammy Patascher

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Tammy is the current President of the Florida Genealogical Society - Tampa. A member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and various other societies, she maintains a passion for discovering her family roots.

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  1. There’s no question this is warranted. Our Board has been, and is, terrific. I really appreciate how quickly you managed the challenges of our COVID-19 environment. Thanks very much!

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