The Florida Genealogical Society of Tampa serves it’s local genealogical community and the genealogical community around the world by engaging in a variety of interesting and rewarding service projects.  For more information about any of these projects, contact a Cinnamon Colson, our FGS project director, at

In Partnership with the Florida History and Genealogy Library (FHGL)

The Florida History and Genealogy Library (FHGL) in the John F Germany Public Library in downtown Tampa is one of the largest and finest genealogical collections in the Southeastern United States.  Bill Harris ill is the Manager of the FHGL and he and They have been collaborating to identify collections of unique materials in the FHGL that can be digitized, indexed, and added to the library system’s online digital collections. The first two projects on the extensive list have been identified and were presented to the FGS members.

Project 1: The Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection needs to be inventoried to determine if all of the images have been digitized, if all of the images have been indexed, and if all of those images are currently online. Volunteers will work with the collection in the library, and will scan and index missing images so that they can be added. This is a potentially high visibility project in that it will identify unique historical images of interest to many people in the community. The project begins in August 2016 and is anticipated to be completed by year end with he help of enough volunteers.

Project 2: Funeral Home Books for the Lord and Fernandez Funeral Home and the J. L. Reed and Son Funeral Home are in the possession of the library. The bound books will be scanned by volunteers using a professional book scanner and can then be indexed either on-site at the library or from home. The project began in early 2017.

Other projects will follow and will combine the genealogical knowledge and skills of our society members to preserve and make these and other unique materials available to the world.