The Florida Genealogical Society of Tampa serves it’s local genealogical community and the genealogical community around the world by engaging in a variety of interesting and rewarding service projects.  For more information about any of these projects, contact our FGS project director, at

Hillsborough County Century Families Program (HCCF)

This program began in 2014 by the Florida Genealogical Society in Tampa. Its purpose is to recognize and honor persons whose families have lived inside the boundaries of modern-day Hillsborough County, Florida, for at least 100 years. Successful applicants will receive a certificate and a pin. Click here to see the rules and application procedures.

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Quiz & Survey Coordinator

Event Chair: Dave Glogowski


We are seeking a motivated individual to take on the role of Quiz and Survey Coordinator.

A new feature is coming to the website. We are going to start adding a periodic quiz to test your skills and knowledge or survey to gauge and share your experiences. We are looking for volunteers to help create these quizzes or surveys. How often we can release a new quiz or survey solely depends on the ability to generate the content.

Duties include:

  • Creating at least monthly quiz or survey questions and answers 
  • Publish these on our website (training provided)
  • Moderating and responding to comments from our members via the online comments

These quizzes and surveys will also be automatically incorporated into our new monthly newsletter.  Training on our software will be provided as well as support to enable your success.

So please volunteer to help!

Quiz & Survey Coordinator
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