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This past Saturday, we again met virtually via webinar to conduct our normal meeting, DNA Special Interest Group, and our featured speaker – Crista Cowan. We had a total of 97 people registered and 89 actually participate; a tremendous turnout. Jean Sanner wrapped up the current DNA Special Interest Group with a case study covering many of the tips and methods she presented in her previous sessions. Crista’s presentation was based on’s Listening Tour where they spent time canvasing the genealogical community for ways to improve their services. Crista covered many useful tips and features of’s improved account, profile, and search capabilities. Members, if you missed the webinar, take time watch her presentation.

As mentioned in the meeting, we recorded the entire meeting exclusively for our membership. You must log into the website to view the presentation below. The FGS Board is grateful to for providing 3 wonderful “door” prizes (can we still can them that in a virtual world?).

The recording of the webinar and handouts are available to FGS members.

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Additionally, for those you participated in the live webinar, please complete this short survey.

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Dave began searching for his family origins in the 1990s as a way to understand his Polish heritage and its traditions. Upon retirement from a 26 year Air Force career in 2010, he moved to Tampa and joined FGS. Dave took on stewardship of the FGS website in 2017 and was a Director from 2017 - 2019. As Vice President, Dave seeks to continue to our history of current, relevant, and renowned speakers as well as foster a greater sense of community among our members.

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  1. I was not able to find the place to comment on the special DNA pre meetings with Jean so am just going to say here that my husband and I found them very interesting and helpful.
    She is quite a good speaker and we would welcome any presentation from her.
    Julie and John hartman

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