Zion Cemetery Relative Project

Volunteers needed to play detective, not that we don’t do that every day searching for our ancestors!  We will be looking for relatives of the people who were buried in the Zion Cemetery in Tampa. The death certificates are on Family Search, so we can do it from home. If you are interested, you can email Rosemarie Neville, our Volunteer and Project Coordinator at volunteer@fgstampa.org. Additionally, you can signup on our project page here. More information will be available at our next meeting on September 7th.


About Dave Glogowski

Dave began searching for his family origins in the 1990s as a way to understand his Polish heritage and its traditions. Upon retirement from a 26 year Air Force career as a Communications officer, he moved to the Tampa area to continue his support to our nation’s warriors. He also began his family history research in earnest; joining FGS in 2010. Leveraging his degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Systems Management as well as his software development experience, Dave is took on stewardship of the FGS website in 2017 and was a Director from 2017 - 2019. As Vice President, Dave seeks to continue to our history of current, relevant, and renowned speakers as well as foster a greater sense of community among our members.

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